Childbearing is a value issue

The low birth rates are also a major problem in the countries of Central and Eastern Europe, and the governments of Croatia, Estonia, Lithuania and the Czech Republic are trying to encourage childbirth by various means. Representatives of the four countries presented their family support system at a roundtable at the 3rd Budapest Demographic Summit on Friday.

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KINCS European Family Policy Ranking 2019

On World Population Day (July 11), the Maria Kopp Institute for Demography and Families (KINCS) published the Family Policy Ranking of European Countries for the first time this year. The ranking of family friendliness along 12 factors reveals how diverse and broad the range of family support measures are in a given country. The results show whether the social policy of a given country gives priority to the family and the complexity of family policy. Hungary, along with France, ranked at the top, while the middle of the list includes the United Kingdom, Spain and Denmark, where the number of family support options is slightly lower. In the top third of the list typically EU-countries are found, while in the last third, countries outside the EU can be found.

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International Advocacy Workshop by IFFD held in Budapest

Dr. Petra Aczél, Vice President of Research at KINCS gave a presentation at the International Advocacy Workshop of the International Federation for Family Development (IFFD) for experts working in the field of family affairs, this year being held in Budapest.

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