It is good to be a father in Hungary

Press release 
on the occasion of the Father's Day 

It is good to be a father in Hungary 

The importance of the role of fathers has been confirmed by numerous researches and studies. We celebrate them on the third Sunday of June, on Father’s Day, when we celebrate fatherhood. On this occasion, referring to various research results, the Mária Kopp Institute for Demography and Families (KINCS) concludes, that in Hungary the role of men is rather seen according to the traditional model, but the sharing of parental responsibilities is also more and more present in families. Fatherhood has positive effects on men’s quality of life, which is why it is gratifying that men’s desire to have children has increased.

In Hungary, the number of births per thousand men aged 15-59 has increased from 25 to 31 in the last ten years. The average age of fathers at the birth of their child increased by barely one year to 34.3 years. The proportion of fathers under the age of 35 fell by a fifth, while that of fathers over the age of 40 has nearly doubled. Compared to 2010, the proportion of fathers with a secondary education has increased.

According to research, men expect from themselves first of all (and so do women from their partners) that they provide financial resources for the family and at the same time to be a father who is actively involved in everyday life. The general acceptance of the traditional father image, who creates financial security remained (94%), but there was also significant support for the family-oriented, participating father role (65%).

The majority (67%) support fathers staying home immediately after the birth of a child. An increasing proportion of fathers would undertake to spend more time at home caring for children, while mothers think more traditionally about this, with 40% not considering it conceivable that the mother would not stay home with the child. However, more than four-fifths of mothers can count first of all on the father of the child if they need help with caring for and raising their child.

A good relationship with the father helps young people to feel happier. Of those who have a very good relationship with their father, more than 80% feel rather happy and satisfied.

Fatherhood has a positive effect on men’s quality of life. Research by Mária Kopp, whom our institute was named after, also found that fathers who have a good relationship with their child are over four times more likely to live longer. That is why she often said “Change diapers and live longer!”.

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