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The Maria Kopp Institute for Demography and Families (KINCS*) was founded by the Hungarian Government. Our Institute launched its activities early 2018, during the Year of Families, cultivating the heritage of Professor Maria Kopp.
The Institute aims to contribute to the following:

  • to progress towards a society promoting and supporting families in having children
  • to find appropriate and effective responses to our demographic challenges;
  • to support the well-being of families, allowing them to grow and to prosper

Family policy and demography are not just one of the national strategic issues, but a common mission that on the long run defines our future here in Hungary and in the world. Without laying down the foundations of a family-focused political thinking and without a proper understanding of possible pathways to a demographic turn, it is inconceivable to make a halt to ageing and the decline of population. Our most treasured ones, our children, are the key to our future, thus we believe our mission is supporting families in raising as many children as they wish for.

For this purpose, our Institute carries out domestic and international activities, policy analyses and research that can serve as a basis for measures on family and population affairs, contributing to the family friendly, harmonious functioning of society and the prosperity of our nation.
The Maria Kopp Institute (KINCS*) is working for the accomplishment of these goals to serve every family.



*KINCS – acronym of Kopp Mária Intézet a Népesedésért és Családokért (Maria Kopp Institute for Demography and Families), meaning TREASURE in Hungarian

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