International Day of Families - Family Affairs Are a Cultural Issue

Family affairs are spiritual, intellectual, value and cultural issues at the same time - said the President of the Kopp Maria Institute for Demography and Families at a Tuesday conference on the subject at the Academy. According to Tünde Fűrész, the family-friendly approach is increasingly pervasive in Hungarian society and even in the economy.

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The Position of Hungarian Women is Enviable in an International Comparison

At the 62. meeting of the UN Committee on Women's Situation, Katalin Novák, State Secretary for Family and Youth of the Ministry of Human Resources (Emmi) stressed that 90% of women in Hungary have children or want to have children, meaning that family policy is an important tool for women's support. The United Nations is organizing this meeting every year around women's day, which is one of the largest events of the world organisation, as not only the politicians of the Member States, but also the NGOs dealing with the situation of women participate on it.

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