The role of the family in early childhood care was discussed by international experts

Balázs Molnár, Vice-President of our Institute, took part in the international video round table organized by the Ordo Iuris Institute of Poland. In the conversation Polish, Brazilian, Croatian and Hungarian participants discussed the role of the family and institutions in early childhood care.

Balázs Molnár explained that Hungary provides parents with a real option of staying home with their children for up to 3 years, or offers a number of benefits for their return to the labour market. In addition to the continuous development of the crèche system, the programme GYED Extra (continuous payment of the maternity benefit whilst going back to work) also helps to reconcile work and family life. In addition several action aim at the involvement of grandparents as well. He also described the main results of the family and coronavirus research of our Institute underpinning that during the decade long family-friendly government families had been strengthened significantly.

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