The search for happiness continues! The book “The Ways and Mazes of the Search for Happiness” by Mária Kopp and Árpád Skrabski has been republished in the publication of KINCS

The book of Mária Kopp and Árpád Skrabski, “The Ways and Mazes of the Search for Happiness” has been republished by the Kopp Mária Institute for Demography and Families (KINCS). The volume seeks answers to such exciting questions like how family and marriage relate to physical and mental health. The book can provide guidance and a glimpse of spiritual charge in the current, stressful period for relationships and family.

Where has happiness been lately? -  humanity raises the eternal question of existence. Ever since being, a series of generations have been looking for the answer, but no one has been able to give a better one than having a balanced relationship. The authors of the volume, Mária Kopp and her husband, Árpád Skrabski, looked at the world with scientific and human curiosity, searching for the same as many others: how can we be happy? The result of the research is their book “The Ways and Mazes of the Search for Happiness”. Between the lines we can get an answer about what we can do to have a family, a relationship that we have always wanted. The volume was a great success five years ago, so the Mária Kopp Institute for Demography and Families (KINCS) undertook this year to republish it in collaboration with L’Harmattan Publishing and the Three Princes Three Princesses Movement founded by Mária Kopp.

Mária Kopp, both as a physician and a psychologist, testified that body and soul can only be examined together in their entirety. The source of health is the proper functioning of both components, and in Hungary - in any case - one of the most important foundations for this is the family. She believed that happiness is not a state but an active progress on the path to our goals. “The Ways and Mazes of the Search for Happiness” tries to help young and old, families and singles, women and men. The book examines the determinants and influences of life communities, female and male roles, the family, and quality of life with a scientific basis. With its vision, scientific knowledge, but at the same time its soul-raising, treasure-worthy thoughts, the volume speaks to everyone and touches everyone.

“The Ways and Mazes of the Search for Happiness” is available at major bookstores in Hungarian. The Mária Kopp Institute for Demography and Families will translate the book to English in 2021.

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