Policy analysis

The Bureau for Policy Analysis prepares and coordinates professional concepts, strategies, action plans and participates in the preparation of the Ministry of Human Capacities' decisions on supporting family policy and demography-related objectives. In cooperation with other departments of the Institute, it is also active in policy analysis, methodological development and service as well as in statistical and information services.

Tasks of the Bureau for Policy Analysis:
a. to contribute to the implementation of tasks related to the field of expertise by preparing background materials;
b. by analyzing and post-analyzing databases, to ensure that, in addition to the planned analyzes, rapidly needed decision-making preparatory studies are being prepared;
c. to assist in the design and implementation of programs and concepts within its field of expertise;
d. to contribute to the development of statistical, data collection and information systems of the specialist field;
e. to assist the family policy and demography sector's professional strategy development, analytical, planning and development tasks of the Ministry of Human Capacities, to assist in the preparation of decisions affecting the sector and to evaluate the impact of decisions;
f. to participate in the elaboration of strategic documents, action plans and professional programs and relevant policy development concepts in the family policy and demography sector.

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