The welfare and protection of children is our shared responsibility: KINCS Minutes – About child welfare measures

For Hungary, every Hungarian child is a tresure, and the welfare and protection of children is our common cause and responsibility.

Since 2010, the government has taken a number of steps in favour of nearly 2 million children. The balanced education of children is supported by child welfare measures such as crèche development, compulsory kindergarten from the age of three, free or discounted meals for children, free textbooks in primary schools, in secondary schools and in vocational training, or Erzsébet Camps.

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The February benefits for families arrived at the very best time

The family tax refund and the 13th month pension paid by the government as well as the youth tax exemption provide significant help to Hungarians, which contributes to the preservation of families' sense of safety. Thanks to the benefits, approximately four and a half million people received extra income in February, which is mostly spent on their family members, home, daily consumer goods and savings, according to the research conducted by the Maria Kopp Institute for Demography and Families (KINCS) in mid-February.

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Hungarians stand up for family-friendly governance

The majority of Hungarians are satisfied with the family-friendly policy of the last 12 years and support it’s continuation in the future, according to the representative research of the Maria Kopp Institute for Demography and Families (KINCS). For more than a decade, the government has been continuously expanding the family support system and providing unprecedented assistance to families. According to the survey conducted in late February and early March, all of the most important family-friendly measures contribute to improving the financial situation of families.

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KINCS Minutes on the occasion of the International Women's Day – the situation of women in the world of families and work: Another short film about the results of the Hungarian family and demography policies of the Maria Kopp Institute

In the past decade, women in Hungary could take advantage of more and more opportunities to reconcile their family and work responsibilities. The fifth part of the KINCS Minutes is about measures helping women on International Women's Day.

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