Motherhood is greatly appreciated and respected in Hungary

In Hungary, mothers are recognized both by families and by the state. The majority of Hungarians celebrate Mother's Day, and the state supports mothers with a number of measures.

A previous survey by the Mária Kopp Institute for Demography and Families (KINCS) revealed that 96 percent of Hungarians celebrate their mothers on Mother's Day. The majority (91%) stated that they have a good relationship with their mother, which is supported by the fact that eight out of ten speak to her on a daily basis. Most Hungarians believe (78%) that mothers hold families together and that they have the biggest role in raising children.

There are 3.13 million mothers in Hungary who have given birth to a total of 6.22 million children during their lifetime, which means that mothers in Hungary have two children on average. Since the early 2000s, about three-quarters of adult women became mothers. Compared to 2011, the average number of children in the maternal age group 20-35 increased slightly from 1.67 to 1.72. Among mothers aged 45-49 there are now 10,000 more with large families (with three or more children) as in 2011.

Hungary bases its family policy on mothers, and a significant part of the measures are adapted to their needs. The government provides many opportunities that specifically support mothers. Motherhood and child-rearing are recognized by tax benefits for mothers (tax exemption for mothers with four children and under 30), raising the amount of the infant care fee to one hundred percent of the previous salary, child care fee extra, student loan debt forgiveness, labor market benefits (part-time benefits and additional holidays), as well as Women 40, which expands the possibilities of grandmothers.

Hungary and the Hungarian people value mothers.

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