The beauties and challenges of fatherhood

At the event entitled "The challenges of becoming a father" organised in cooperation with, in addition to presenting research on fathers, Gyöngyi Porkoláb, János Lackfi, Áron Őze, Gergő Süveges and Imre Bedő talked about fatherhood prior to the premiere of the theater play "Looking for a bear" on the occasion of Father's Day.

We celebrate fathers on the third Sunday in June. At the event held on the occasion of Father's Day, Tünde Fűrész emphasized that the role of fathers in families has strengthened over the past decade. As she said, 2.4 million fathers currently live in Hungary, two-thirds of adult men are fathers. She also mentioned that there are one-third fewer divorces in Hungary compared to 2010. As a result, the share of families where mothers and fathers raise their children together has increased from 73 percent to 80 percent. It is also a positive trend that three out of four children are born in marriage today, even though only one in two babies had married parents before.

Dr. András Pári, Head of Research at KINCS, said that 89% of Hungarians think that fathers play a significant role in ensuring the protection of children, 88% in ensuring their balanced living conditions, 86% in maintaining their mental health, and 84% in their education and teaching.

András Székely said that men who raise children under the age of 18 are happier, more satisfied, and enjoy life at a higher rate than those who do not have a minor child. The senior research fellow of KINCS also indicated that the mental health indicators of men with children are also better, which was previously confirmed by the research of Professor Mária Kopp.

Gyöngyi Porkoláb, the founder of the "" podcast, said that men also need support to prepare for becoming a father and to fulfill their role as a father. For this purpose, a podcast titled "Father said" was also created, where we can hear stories about father roles with courage, self-criticism and honesty. These stories inspired János Lackfi 's theater play "Looking for a bear", which, spiced with a lot of humor, explores the depths of father-child relationships.

In addition to Gyöngyi PorkolábJános Lackfi, Attila József-awarded poet, the writer of the theater play "Looking for a bear",  Áron Őze, Mari Jászai-awarded actor, the director of the theater play, and Gergő Süveges, the founder of Apakulcs (Key to fathers), participated in the roundtable discussion entitled "A hunting we will go, a hunting we will go, Heigh ho...", where they talked about the importance of father-child relations and the message of the theater play "Looking for a bear". The conversation was moderated by Imre Bedő, the founder of the Men's Club.

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