Majority of Hungarians in agreement with the support of mothers

The vast majority of Hungarians (87 percent) agree that mothers should be supported in the labour market and women returning to work after childbirth should receive help, according to research published by the Mária Kopp Institute for Demography and Families (KINCS) on the occasion of International Women's Day. Most of those surveyed prefer to work with a superior who has children, be it a man or a woman.

According to the KINCS survey conducted in 2022, six out of ten believe that it is harder for women to build successful careers than for men (61 percent), which is related to the fact that having children affects re-entering employment. This is why the majority (87%) considers it important to provide women, especially mothers assistance in the labour market.  Two-thirds of people (64 percent) said it was more difficult for women to reconcile work, family and private life than for men.

Two out of three respondents (64 percent) were on the opinion they would rather work with a boss who has a child, whether it's a man or a woman. Three out of ten people (29 percent) said they would rather work only with a female leader than a male one.

Half of the respondents (52%) said that more women leaders are needed in Hungary. Parents were more likely to agree (56%) than those without children (44%). Less than half of the respondents judge women who have successful careers negatively (43%).

Nine out of ten (91 percent) agree that performance should matter when appointing a leader, rather than whether someone is a woman or a man. Only a quarter of Hungarians (24%) think that a quota can be a good solution for strengthening women's managerial positions.

Methodology: The nationwide representative survey was conducted by telephone interviewing 1000-1000 people among the adult Hungarian population between 10 and 26 August 2022 and between 6 and 14 December 2022.


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