lV. Meeting of the Executive Network for Family Values

The Kopp Mária Institute for Demography and Families (KINCS) launched the Executive Network of Family Values in 2019 to provide a regular meeting and sincere exchange possibility for family-friendly decision-makers, opinion leaders, experts from Europe and the wider international environment. This year, the fourth meeting of the Network took place in online format due. Nearly 40 participants from 16 countries of three continents attended the meeting.

The initiative, which aims to give positive content to networking, intends to provide a meeting place for key stakeholders committed to the family as a value, creating an up-to-date, family-friendly network shaping European and international policies.

The event was greeted by Katalin Novák, President of the Republic, highlighting the potential of networking family-friendly organisations and the importance of their cooperation. In her message, she drew special attention to the 5th Budapest Demographic Summit planned for the autumn of 2023.

Ágnes Hornung, State Secretary for Families of the Ministry of Culture and Innovation, gave a keynote speech giving an overview of the Hungarian demographic trends of the past ten years, and presented the joint international research of KINCS and Századvég Foundation, which assessed the attitudes of Europeans towards families. In closing, she presented the support provided to Hungarian families in order to mitigate the effects of the pandemic and the energy crisis due to the war.

The participants discussed the impact of the Russian-Ukrainian war on families, reported on the assistance implemented in their respective countries, and the cooperation between the government, NGOs and family organizations. They also held a lively dialogue on the importance and impact of marriage, presented related research and exchanged good practices. The declaration of the NGOs preparing for the 30th anniversary of the International Year of Families was also on the agenda. 

Hungarian family policy is gaining more and more interest on the international stage, with many paying close attention to the significant achievements of the previous decade.

The Executive Network for Family Values launched by KINCS show eloquently that Hungary is the leader of the family-friendly attitude.

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