On the occasion of Children's: Day Every child is a treasure!

All Hungarian children are treasure, be born anywhere in the world. The welfare and protection of Hungarian children is our common interest and responsibility, being the physical and mental health, the development as well as the safety of our children. The focus of Hungary's family-friendly measures is on children, whose responsible upbringing is the most important investment in the future. To this end, Hungary has one of the most extensive family support systems in Europe. As a result of the government's child- and family-oriented policy, 200 thousand more Hungarian children were born compared to the period before 2010.

Since 2010, the government has introduced a number of measures to make the lives of nearly 2 million Hungarian children under the age of 18 as happy and balanced as possible. The balanced education of children is supported by child welfare measures such as nursery development, compulsory kindergarten from the age of three, free or discounted meals for children during school-time and the summer holiday as well, free textbooks in primary and secondary schools as well as Elizabeth Camps. Children's physical and mental health is supported by, among others, daily physical education, healthy menus, ethics or theology education in schools, early childhood development as well as extensive paediatric and MCH nursing care.

Today, nearly 600 thousand children receive free or discounted meals and the state has spent three times more for this purpose since 2010. More than 1 million children, 100 percent of the students of public education receive free textbooks. More than 300 thousand children receive free and compulsory kindergarten education and nowadays 70 percent more children under the age of 3 can attend nurseries than in 2010. Since 2012, about 1 million children have been on holiday in the Elisabeth Camps. 

For Hungary, the birth of all Hungarian children is of paramount importance, both within and beyond the borders. It is no coincidence that the Hungarian government supports Hungarian children born abroad as well as their families.

Under the Umbilical Cord Programme, Hungarian families living beyond the borders can receive maternity and start-of-life support as well as the opportunity of launching Baby Bonds under the same conditions as those in the motherland. So far, the parents of nearly 40 thousand Hungarian children born abroad have taken advantage of these opportunities. Two-thirds of the applications came from the Hungarian-populated areas of the Carpathian Basin.

In Hungary, 5.6 percent, that is five thousand more children were born in 2021 than in 2011, which was a historic low point in Hungary. Despite an increase in the number of births, the number of women of childbearing age has decreased by almost 20% since 2010. In the last decade, 200 thousand more Hungarian children were born compared to the period before 2010. As a result of the government's child-friendly and family-friendly policy, the Hungarian community grew with these 200 thousand small children, contributing to the survival of the nation and ensuring our future.

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