The winners of economic growth are Hungarian families

Hungarian people know and support the personal income tax (PIT) reimbursement of those raising children. Eight out of ten have already heard of it and three-quarters of them (77 percent) agree with the measure. A representative survey of the Mária Kopp Institute for Demography and Families (KINCS) asking 1,000 people also revealed that nearly three-quarters of the respondents (73%) believe that difficulties arising due to the coronavirus pandemic were the most challenging for those raising children, that is also a reason why they deserve PIT refund.

The secret of the success of Hungarian family policy is that it operates in a coherent system, not independent of other government areas, such as of economic policy. Family-friendly measures and stimulating economic steps have a positive effect on each other, the main winners of which are Hungarian families. According to Prime Minister Viktor Orbán's announcement in June, in the event of economic growth of 5.5 percent, by mid-February 2022, parents raising children will receive back their personal income tax paid in 2021 up to the level of average wage. In the course of the latest research of KINCS, the aim was to find out how well the Hungarian population knows and supports this measure.

The survey found that 8 out of 10 had already heard of PIT reimbursement, and more than three-quarters of respondents (77 percent) agreed with the measure. Two-thirds of Hungarians (67%) say that the PIT reimbursement expresses the appreciation of families raising children and believe that it is fair that the refund is provided up to the level of the average income (66%). Even more, almost three-quarters (73%) of those surveyed believe that difficulties arising due to the coronavirus pandemic were the most challenging for those raising children and therefore they deserve a PIT refund.

According to the KINCS survey, people have confidence in the performance of the Hungarian economy, as 65 percent of the respondents believe that this year's rate of economic growth will enable the implementation of the PIT reimbursement. According to interim data, the 5.5 percent expansion of the economy can be taken for sure and even a 7.5 percent growth is conceivable.

According to preliminary estimations, 1.9 million parents will be affected by the tax refund. At the time of the survey, 78 percent of young parents (aged 18-29), two thirds of those raising a minor child and 80 per cent of those being on maternity or parental leave expect that - taking into account the eligibility conditions - they will get their personal income tax paid back next year. 

It is clear from the KINCS research that the majority of people agree with the PIT reimbursement for families, seeing it as a measure that is fair and a good expression of the appreciation of families raising children. The PIT reimbursement to families is a confirmation of the effectiveness of Hungarian family policy and that of the Hungarian economy.

Methodology: The national representative research of KINCS was conducted by telephone survey of 1,000 people among the adult population between September 15-18, 2021.

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