Tünde Fűrész, President of KINCS received the Knight's Cross of the Hungarian Order of Merit

Katalin Novák Minister for Families presented state awards on the occasion of 20 August and ministerial awards on the occasion of the International Day of the Family at the Museum of Fine Arts in Budapest.

In her opening laudatio, Minister Katalin Novák commemorating King St Stephen emphasized that when something does not correspond to the current zeitgeist, when culture does not dictate it, or when certain interests wish, many people question, overwrite, present the past as non-existent

“It’s important to ask, to question things, but there are stories that have lived with us for two thousand, a thousand years,” she stressed, adding that not everything stands the test of time, but what it is more than mere legends.

The Minister also spoke: it is thanks to King St. Stephen that Hungary is still a Christian country and, among others, he initiated the formation of the Hungarian county system, but in addition to being a "brave, respectful, wise king", he was also a father.

According to the Minister, the honourees also face this dual challenge: to serve the interests of the nation at the same time, to work for scientific results, to care for the sick, and to remain a wife, mother, father, child, brother.

Katalin Novák thanked the honourees for their dedicated work and for trying to meet this challenge every day.

Zsolt Spéder, Member of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences, received the Officer's Cross of the Hungarian Order of Merit.

The Knight's Cross of the Hungarian Order of Merit was awarded to theologian Katalin Dér, Tamás Kurimay, László Batthyány-Strattmann Prize-winning psychiatrist, Ilona Mohayné Keresztes, journalist, editor, to Tünde Fűrész President of KINCS, former Deputy State Secretary for Family and Population Policy, in recognition of her professional work with an exemplary commitment serving the interests of Hungarian families.

Katalin Novák presented the Hungarian Golden Cross of Merit to Tibor László Nebojszki, an engineering teacher at the Secondary School of the Szent László General Cultural Center in Baja, Csabáné Zöld, a medical masseur at the Szent Rókus Hospital in Baja and Ferencné Zsoldos, a pharmacist.

Mrs. Ernő Lászlón Gyürki, retired health assistant and Mrs. András Telkes, former chef of the József Eötvös Primary School in Csurgó, received the Hungarian Bronze Cross of Merit.

The Minister awarded the prize for families to Katalin Langerné Victor, Deputy State Secretary for Social Inclusion of the Ministry of the Interior, Cecília Müller, National Chief Medical Officer, Márton Vilmos Nagy, Chief of Staff of the Cabinet of Ministers for Families, Enikő Újvári Vice President of the Three Princesses Movement, Vince Forgács, obstetrician and gynecologist, Szilvia Vajdáné Kasza, Kata Némethné Farkas, Head of the Adult Training Center of the Széchenyi István University Education Organization Directorate.

Tünde Fűrész thanked the price by saying “I am grateful that I may serve Hungarian families for 11 years already. It is a great honour to receive the Knight's Cross of the Hungarian Order of Merit today in recognition of my professional work in the interests of families. My heartfelt thanks go to Minister Katalin Novák for the submission and to all my former and current colleagues, allies and supporters for the joint work of recent years. We have come a long way in building a family-friendly Hungary. I am proud to be a part and a shaper of this constructive work from the beginning.”

Sincere congratulations to President Fűrész on behalf of all the staff of the Kopp Mária Institute for Population and Families!


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