The majority of Hungarians agree with government measures to restart life

In Hungary, 80 percent of the adult population agrees with the government's restart measures. Most (92 percent) support the decision to resume scheduled health interventions, according to a 1,000-person, representative survey by the Mária Kopp Institute for Demography and Families (KINCS), made between May 20-23. The change related to the interoperability of SZÉP card sub-accounts (fringe benefit) was also very popular, and the reopening of schools and the authorization of leisure activities linked to the immunity card were also a good decision, according to the majority of respondents.

The vaccination rate of the Hungarian people is uniquely high in Europe, and in parallel with the increase in numbers, the government has taken several measures since the spring of 2021 to help restart life and the economy. It was also an important aspect to improve people's mental hygiene and to help them return to their usual daily lives as soon as possible. KINCS research found that eight of the 17 measures introduced in April and May were agreed by a significant majority of respondents (above 80 per cent) and there was virtually no decision that was supported by less than two-thirds of respondents.

92 percent of those surveyed were most in favor of the measure that scheduled health and recovery interventions could resume from 13 May.

The restart of elementary schools on April 19 and high schools on May 10 was a good decision by 78 percent of those surveyed. Those with children were 10 percentage points more in favor of school opening. Eighty-one percent of those participating in the KINCS survey agreed that graduations could be held after May 25, and the same number agreed to hold final exams in person.

According to the decision of the Hungarian government, day camps can be organized from June 1. Eighty-five percent of those surveyed were very happy with this opportunity, and only slightly fewer (78 percent) said that the option of camps with accomodation was also a good idea. KINCS research also found that 38 percent of parents raising children under the age of 18 and 53 percent of large families would like to send their child to a holiday camp during the summer break.

The Hungarian people also appreciated the measures taken by the government in connection with leisure, entertainment and the use of certain services. Most people were happy with the opening of hairdressers and cosmetics (89 percent), and the decision to reopen restaurants was also very popular (84 percent). Four-fifths of those surveyed also support the possibility of holding wedding receptions from 28 May, subject to the epidemiological rules in force.

Nearly three-quarters of the survey participants agreed with the possibility to participate in leisure programs (museums, libraries -77%, cinemas, theaters -70%, spas, gyms -70%, hotels -75%) that may be used with the immunity card. The lowest, but still very high support was given to attendance at sporting events (64 percent). The KINCS survey also included an issue related to the interoperability of SZÉP card sub-accounts, where 9 out of 10 said they agreed with this decision. Unsurprisingly, an overwhelming majority of employees (98 percent) supported this measure.

It is clear from the research of the Institute that in those age groups and groups where vaccination rates are higher, they are more supportive concerning restart measures, whereas among those with lower vaccination rates show more rejection.

All in all, the vast majority of the adult population appreciates the Hungarian Government's restart action plan and feels that it will help them to get their lives back on track.

Methodology: The national representative survey was conducted via a telephone survey of 1,000 people among the adult population between May 20-23, 2021.

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