The country's first family innovation center has been established

On the International Day of Families, on May 15, the KINCS Smart Family Center, the first family innovation center in Hungary, was launched.

Digitization and the use of innovative solutions are present in many areas of life. Nowadays, we can even record an ECG at home with a credit card-sized device and send the results to our physician with an app, or while waiting for the child at training, we can heat the apartment, water the flowers in our absence. All these developments can also help in sports, transport, learning and organizing family leisure time.

It is also essential in the lives of families that modern, smart solutions are available and accessible. Anyone who lives in a family knows that there are always situations that need to be handled skillfully; redesign, creativity and innovation are part of everyday family life, so different innovative developments can serve to pay attention to each other and mutual understanding.

The goal of the KINCS Smart Family Center is to implement and encourage innovation projects and programs related to families. KINCS Smart Family Center, in cooperation with economic and social organizations, works to create as many valuable, innovative, smart solutions as possible that support families in Hungary. With our programs and projects, we promote the strengthening of the family-friendly nature of the labor market and the spread of the application of family-friendly solutions in the economy.

Through our work, we also strengthen the international recognition of Hungarian innovation by collecting, processing, presenting and promoting best practices in the field of family affairs. On the other hand, we provide an opportunity for companies and startups that play an active role in domestic business innovation and that develop smart solutions and functions that specifically help families.

We believe that these good examples will inspire further family-friendly developments.

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Tünde Fűrész

President of KINCS

Piroska Szalai

Head of the KINCS Smart Family Center

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