Hungarians appreciate the measures related to coronavirus vaccination

The majority of Hungarians are satisfied with the speed and organization of vaccination against the coronavirus and the related provision of information, according to the latest research of the Mária Kopp Institute for Demography and Families (KINCS). According to a representative survey of 1000 people, carried out between April 14-16, 2021, every second respondent said that the virus situation would improve in the next month, and re-opening measures should be taken on the basis of epidemiological and economic data.

KINCS research shows that 59 percent of respondents fully or rather agree with the speed of scheduling vaccinations against coronavirus, 58 percent find the provision of information appropriate, and 57 percent believe that the organization of vaccination administration works well and efficiently in Hungary. Only less than 10 percent voiced total dissatisfaction.

When asked how the virus situation will develop over the next month, one in two respondents said the situation would be better or much better than it is now, and only 13 percent think it will be worse than it is now.

KINCS also examined the Hungarian population's perception of the re-opening measures. 56 percent of respondents said epidemiological and economic indicators should both be considered to make re-opening decisions, and 30 percent said decision makers should rely solely on epidemiological data.

Current epidemiological measures are supported by the majority. 79 percent agree with rules related to travel, 70 percent with rules on shopping, and 66 percent concerning the easing of the evening curfew. Regarding the re-opening of kindergartens and schools - at the time of the survey - the opinion of the respondents was divided, with almost half of them (46%) thinking that their re-opening is necessary. A quarter of parents were unsure about the issue, with 43 percent supporting and 32 percent rejecting the re-opening. Large families were the most prevalent group in supporting the re-opening of kindergartens and schools.

The survey by the Mária Kopp Institute shows that the majority of people in Hungary are satisfied with the coronavirus vaccination and re-opening measures, and also find the coordination of vaccine administration effective.

Methodology: The national representative survey was conducted by telephone survey of 1,000 people among the adult population between April 14-16, 2021.

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