Lively Washington interest in Hungarian family politics

Balázs Molnár, Vice-President of our Institute, was an invited speaker at the 6th edition of the American Values Project Foundation’s (APP) red-white-blue gala, which focused on strengthening American families. 

Dozens of Republican-affiliated politicians, officials and supporters attended the event. As the only foreign speaker, Balázs Molnár presented the constitutional foundations of Hungarian family policy, the results achieved so far, the operation of the Maria Kopp Institute and the research results of the Institute on the Hungarian Family Protection Action Plan. The guest of honour was Steve Daines, Republican senator of Montana. APP believes that the Republican Party should pay more attention to American families. When compiling their program Family First 2020, Hungarian family-friendly measures were admittedly an example for them, with particular emphasis on strenthening of marriages, family tax relief and the protection of fetal life.   

Washington, USA

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