A conference was held in Riga on demographic challenges we are facing

In the West, many people are looking for half-way solutions instead of addressing the real issue: why are not enough children born in Europe? At the conference, besides the host Latvia, representatives of Hungary, Estonia, Finland, the Czech Republic, Slovenia, Poland and Lithuania have participated, one of the vice-presidents of the European Parliament, as well as experts who deal with the issue from a scientific point of view.

Katalin Novák, State Secretary for Family and Youth of the Ministry of Human Capacities, has also addressed the conference. The Secretary of State mentioned that the agenda focused primarily on how to tackle the demographic challenge Europe is facing as a whole and how to find a family-oriented solution.

According to the Hungarian opinion, Europe is in a serious demographic situation, and compared to this, it is not really serious about the issue at European level. What many countries represent on migration is a bad answer to a question never raised, since the question is why there are not enough children born in Europe, as she has underlined. Instead, several support the half-way solution of migration in Europe, which cannot be the solution to the demographic crisis.

‘We firmly state in Hungary that the solution to the demographic crisis is seen in children, in the fact that Hungarian children are born. We support Hungarian young people to have as many children as they have planned, as many as they wish for’, stressed the state secretary.

The objective of the Hungarian government is precisely the above, and therefore Hungary is conducting family-oriented policies not only in family policy but in all areas of government since 2010. The Riga Conference welcomed this.

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