In Central Europe, Family-Friendly Policies Are Needed

"Social solidarity stems from cooperation between generations within families," said Anna Zaborska, Slovakian MEP, at a family conference in Bratislava. 

At the event "Family-Friendly and Family-Hostile Policies in Central Europe", organized by the Slovak Family Association, representatives from Slovakia, Hungary and Austria presented the measures affecting families, the family-friendly approach or lack thereof in their countries. 

Tünde Fűrész, President of the Kopp Maria Institute has emphasized that in the focus of Hungarian government measures, the strengthening of families has been since 2010 and in the future. 

Anna Zaborska explained that the separation of family policy from social policy would emphasize the support of families and child raising in Slovakia as well. 

Mrs Gudrun Kugler, Austrian MP, explained that the new Austrian government would like to put greater emphasis on strengthening and protecting family values within young people. 

With the active participation of those present, there was a vigorous dialogue on the effects of measures affecting the different families, the need for family-friendly policies to mitigate common demographic problems in Central Europe. 

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