Father's Center Helps Fathers in Berlin

Last year, the Father's Center in Berlin (Väterzentrum Berlin) celebrated the tenth anniversary of its existence. Founder Eberhard Schäfer, author of the book "The Book of Dads", published also in Hungarian, has launched this new initiative from his own in Germany.

The mission of the Father's Center is to provide professional knowledge of Berlin parents who are interested in modern fatherhood and to provide personal advice to fathers. The center also serves as a forum and meeting place. One of their exciting programs is the Father Café, where the stay-at-home fathers meets for an informal conversation.
The Father’s Center now boasts a lot of experience and a large number of visitors. Last year, more than 3,500 parents and children have attended the various programs of the center.

During the visit of the Center, Anna Nagy, Head of the Single-Parent Center, László Léder, founder of the Father's Academy and Tünde Fűrész, President of the Kopp Maria Institute, led a discussion with Eberhard Schäfer, head of the Father's Center.

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